Carryouts Only Menu

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Carryout’s Only Menu – As inspired by “Governor J.B. Pritzker”

4:00 to 8:00 Weds thru Sun  847-683-2883 Printable carryout menu

Appetizers – Sizzling Garlic Shrimp 13   Mini Crab Cakes & Sauces 13  Seared Scallops, Bacon Cream 14

Entrees include – (1) side dish, Iceberg salad & (3) salad bar salads, loaf of baked bread, butter & utensils   

Sides – Baker (“loaded” $3), Potato Pancakes, Creamy Garlic Spinach, House Potato, Fries or Fresh Veg

                 *Add a 10 oz cup of Ryan’s extraordinary soup & toasted bread points $4.00

  • Our Famed Prime Rib     Now available every day – Weds thru Sunday while it lasts

10oz  23          16oz  31          24oz  37             

  • Char-grilled Aged Choice Ribeye Steaks

  16oz  32          24oz  38        

  • Aged Prime 14oz Boneless NY Strip Steak     38

Roasted Thyme sprigs, citrus butter, and grilled lemon slices

  • Aged “Melt in your mouth” Choice Filets   Live the dream, have it Stuffed

8oz  32         12oz  41

Enhance your steak or Prime Rib even better    Add 6

Filet Stuffers (choose 3) – Cheese, sauteed mushrooms onions, bacon, wilted spinach, roast garlic, sauce
Primes or Steaks –     Au Poivre and Brandy Cream          Asiago, Bleu Cheese or Horseradish Crusted Sautéed Onions and/or Mushrooms     Béarnaise Sauce     Garlic Butter Crumb Crust     Skillet Blackened                        

  • Baby Pork Back Ribs     Full  25     Half  20 

Our original fall-off the bone Ryan “tweaked” recipe and sauce…

  • Smoked Pork Tenderloin Ancho Chili Rubbed  21

Slices served on garbanzo bean puree. Finished with salsa Verde cream. Excellent

  • 16oz Glazed Double Bone Pork Chop  24

Cider demi-glaze, Caramelized onion compote side

  • Dozen Tender Jumbo Gulf Shrimp  21

Choose the way – Sizzling garlic citrus, Beer batter fried or Blackened

  • Seafood Monterey  25

Scallops, shrimp, crab, wine Jack & Mornay sauce over Linguine pasta

  • Exceptional Skillet Fried Walleye  24

Lightly dusted, butter drizzled, toasted almonds, extra drawn butter

  • Delicious Florida Grouper  29

Enjoy tonight’s preparation         

  • One Half Hawaiian Barbecued Chicken  21

 Double sauces on the side; One sweeter, one tangy

  • Burlington House Stuffed Chicken Breast  20

The timeless favorite… Guilt-free and loaded with flavor

  • Ryan’s Rolls Royce  18  *With coated fries, Street corn salad & slaw only

Strip Steak or Our Prime Rib on a loaf of our dinner bread. Warning; Two hands required

Cheese, sauteed onions, green peppers, mushrooms, au jus & creamy horseradish sauce

Desserts  9 – Flourless Chocolate Cake  or  House Baked Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce

Friday (only) Fish Fry    

Generous Portion – Breaded or Beer Battered Icelandic Cod      Dinner   16       

Beer Battered or Breaded Lake Perch                                              Dinner   17               

Baked Icelandic Cod served in a bath of AA pure butter              Dinner   16